AmeriCorps Team Tackles NBSP Projects

AmeriCorps Team Tackles NBSP Projects

AFTER helping to re-routing the Blue Ridge trail and sawing trees, a National Civilian Community Corps team leader looks out at the newly improved viewpoint.

AmeriCorps Team Tackles NBSP Projects

TWO AMERICORPS team members make the tread, or the area that the hiker will step on, flat and even on the Blue Ridge trail. Raking the dirt softens the area so that they can them stamp it down flat.

AmeriCorps Team Tackles NBSP Projects

AMERICORPS team members clean up the walkway under Natural Bridge after the remnants of Hurricane Zeta caused Cedar Creek to overflow its banks.

Members Also Help With Other Projects In Community

A team with the Ameri-Corps National Civilian Community Corps recently completed a month-long service project at Natural Bridge State Park.

The group of 10 built a campsite, improved trails, and cut trees to create better views, “so that [the park could] better meet the increased demand for outdoor recreational spaces,” a community relations representative for NCCC, Julia Bina, said.

“We travel the country in teams of 10 and do service projects,” she explained. “It’s adventurous.”

Before coming to Natural Bridge, Bina’s team did trail work in Connecticut. After that, they were supposed to farm in Massachusetts, but they were later deployed for disaster relief from Hurricane Laura.

Among the projects at Natural Bridge State Park, the group rerouted the Blue Ridge hiking trail.

“It had just become really eroded in some areas and water-damaged,” Bina said. “We rerouted it to bypass the damaged areas.”

At Red Knob, they cleared some trees to improve the view of the mountains.

They also built a campsite, where they had to “cut the hillside to flatten the area.”

In addition to completing work in the Natural Bridge State Park, the group visited the Glasgow Fire Department and the Natural Bridge Fire Department and washed all the firetrucks and emergency vehicles. They also went to the Rockbridge SPCA and did maintenance on a trail that is used to walk dogs.

On Halloween they split up to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, with half of the team in Glasgow and the other half in Lexington. Lastly, they worked with volunteers at Boxerwood to plant trees and cage tree saplings in order to save them from grazing deer.

The group recently left the area for Richmond where they will renovate historic African American cemeteries and update grave records.

AmeriCorps, founded in 1965, is generally considered to be a domestic version of the “Peace Corps.” It places young adults in public service roles for a fixed period of time and offers them a small stipend for meals and living expenses. The AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps is a full-time, residential program for men and women between the ages 18-24.

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