Alcohol-Fueled Student Parties Continue

Feb. 5, 2020 Editor, The News-Gazette:

In a letter published in your Feb. 5 edition, Will Bolton, president of the W&L student body executive committee, expressed being “both shocked and dismayed by the characterization” of some of his peers for the outrageous conduct by them at innumerable, raucous parties they hold in neighborhoods zoned residential. He should not be. He assumes, incorrectly, that it references all W&L students. It did not. It is, however, an understated accuracy with respect to numerous W&L students who for years and despite repeated complaints have continued to have alcohol-fueled parties with noise levels so high that they can be heard and the vibrations felt inside my home which is approximately two-tenths to half-a-mile away.

His letter is replete with factual inaccuracies and sophistic conclusions. First, we are not a small group of vocal neighbors. The number of voting residents in the areas adjacent and near to the party locations is in the hundreds. Apparently, he also believes that the only applicable law is the county noise ordinance. Once more, he is wrong. There are various civil remedies which we have and, if need be, may utilize against these students, their organizations, the landlords, the real properties involved and W&L. My hope and desire is to avoid use of them, if at all possible.

Next Mr. Bolton chides those of us who are seeking governmental assistance to eliminate the problems, which include extremely loud noise, massive amounts of trash strewn on and off the rental properties, public urination, public nudity, and public, underage consumption, and underage distribution of alcohol. Added to this is broadcasting so-called music that includes repeated use of the phrase, “I don’t give a f…” and the “N” word.

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to reach Campus Community Coalition representatives and have even reached out to W&L’s president to no avail. It suffices to state that neither the CCC nor W&L has been willing to do anything to respond to my and others’ complaints. In fact, it is obvious to me that these W&L students are intent on continuing to have these sorts of parties and that the W&L administration has no intention of doing anything to alter its students’ conduct in this regard.

THOMAS B. BENNETT Rockbridge County

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