Absentee Voting Encouraged

Sept. 8, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

Your coverage of absentee voting options for the November general election (The News-Gazette, Sept. 2) was a great service for Rockbridge-area voters, political candidates and their parties, and election officials.

This year's Republican primary in Lexington city provides a good frame of reference for considering prudent alternatives to masking up and coming to the polls on Nov. 3. Our election officials went with curbside voting for the pri mary. Given the state of the pandemic, curbside was seen as the best way to protect voters from virus transmission, ease public fears, and assure the safe exercise of every citizen’s right to vote. Those concerns will only be amplified with so many voters wanting to make their voices heard this fall.

Come November, regardless of whether Lexingtonians are asked to cast their votes at curbside or in the warmth of the Piovano Building, there’s no question the 2020 general election will be safer, more efficient, and more man ageable if those who are open to it will take advantage of the absentee voting options: (1) mail-in or drop-off absentee ballot or (2) in-person absentee voting at Lexington City Hall (starting Sept. 18).

I hope many Lexington voters will take one of the safe, fast, efficient routes available and help reduce the potential on Nov. 3 for long lines, slow going, and unnecessary exposure to Covid-19.



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