Abandon Open-air Inauguration Ceremony

Jan. 11, 2021

Editor, The News-Gazette:

Inauguration planning needs to abandon an openair ceremony on the Capitol steps. With President Trump having had no interest in protecting the Capitol containing every elected federal officer except himself on Jan. 6, how can we believe he will plan a robust defense of an open-air event that he is not attending?

The barriers created to prevent attendees from entering without checking for weapons would likely not be robust enough to prevent a breach from a paramilitary assault. Until he becomes president, Biden does not have the authority to provide adequate security. The ceremony can be conducted in any secure building.

Once inaugurated, I would like to see Congress immediately convened. With a working majority, confirming the new cabinet officials in the most critical roles can be fast tracked so these individuals can start their work defending our country. Biden has queued up executive actions that can be initiated in that afternoon.

We do not need a parade or parties. This is a sad time in our history. The antidote to despair is action to address the threats we face. Seeing a working majority in action will provide more relief than rituals. With the new government, we have a chance.


Rockbridge County

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