‘Second Pandemic’ Spreads To VMI

Nov. 16, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

My recent predictions about the pandemics threatening our Quaint Little Village have proven to be accurate.

COVID-19 cases are approaching the 300 mark. The second pandemic, P.C., “Political Correctness,” has spread to VMI., “Virginia Mental Institute.” The first victim was General Binford Peay, who certainly didn’t deserve it. The second victim appears to be “Stonewall” Jackson, who has been dead for 157 years. It’s so easy for these cowards to vilify a dead man.

Our “beloved governor” in his “infinite wisdom” has decided to spend one million of our “taxpayer’s dollars” to investigate Virginia Military Institute. I hope they spend a little of the money to determine how he got his nickname, “Coon Man.” Did he really wear a “Black Face”?

We will eventually find a cure for COVID-19. It’s a shame that we can’t find a cure for “Political Correctness” too.

To be continued.

W.B. “Doc” Wilmore

Rockbridge County

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