‘Maybe The Answer Lies Somewhere Else’

June 22, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

I am horrified at the senseless, cruel murder of George Floyd. I can’t even imagine the hurt his mother felt when hearing that he called “Momma” as the very breath was being squeezed out of him. I’m also saddened by the killing of David Dorn.

So, black lives matter and blue lives matter as well. I also do not believe violence and looting should be tolerated. And none of us today had anything to do with slavery and none of these young looters suffered under slave conditions. Destroying businesses and neighborhoods serves no good purpose. And tearing down beautiful monuments destroys art. I don’t think we should rename buildings and cemeteries.

Are we in a rush to purge all history to make it fit into today’s climate as Sen. Tim Scott said? Where does it stop? I’m not a history buff, but weren’t many of the historic buildings in Lexington, including churches, built by John Jordan who probably owned slaves? Should we raze these buildings? Why can’t we keep history and look at it as a remembrance of what happened and know that we have come a long way from the days of slavery.

Maybe the answer lies somewhere else. Maybe universities and banks could work together to provide ways for kids in poverty (black or white) to get loans with lower interest at colleges with reasonable tuition to get a good education Ben Carson says that is the key to success. Maybe these violent looters should read a Ben Carson book.

One of my best friends is black – she has kept me straight over the past 30 years with terminology – was it negro, black, colored people, people of color or African-American – she’s a true Christian and an inspiration to me.


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