‘If You Love Your Family, Wear A Mask’

Aug. 7, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette,

A team is only as strong as its weakest player, and as a team, their collective success or failure is dependent on the actions of every individual; the same can be said of a family. One wrong move can set off a chain reaction of potentially destructive events that results in irreversible outcomes for the entire unit.

Refusing to wear a mask outside of the home enables a potential COVID-19 infection to occur and enables the virus to later be spread to (and among) family members at home. Anyone can spread the virus, and, as we have seen in recent months, anyone can become sick and potentially die (especially those that are older and/or immunocompromised).

Parents can spread the virus. Grandparents can spread the virus. Children can spread the virus. COVID-19 does not discriminate.

In recent weeks, I have seen many online posts and pictures of events held within Rockbridge County, Lexington, and Buena Vista that exhibit close congregations of people neither wearing masks nor adequately following social distancing protocols. This is beyond disappointing and dangerous. With the new daily case rate rising in the area, it is more imperative than ever for citizens to uphold the transmissionreducing practices outlined by the CDC.

A family protects its members from any potential harm as a demonstration of love. Love unequivocally means putting the needs and livelihood of those around you ahead of your own desires. Love is not selfish. Love strives to do more than is required for others. By refusing to wear a mask when leaving home, you have chosen to put yourself and those around you in danger. This includes every run to the grocery store, every backyard barbecue, every trip to the beach, and every evening at a local carnival.

Claiming a “right” to not wear a mask exposes both strangers and those you love to an avoidable risk. Not wearing a mask is the antithesis of love. This pandemic cannot begin to fade until selfishness gives way to selflessness. If you love your family, wear a mask.


Washington, D.C.

Former Fairfield resident

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