‘Elephants’ Are Actually Democratic, Says Reader

Nov. 8, 2019 Editor, The News-Gazette:

With the reference to the “elephant in the room,” there really are two elephants in the room. One is Democratic hate and the other is Democratic nonfeasance.

The hate was really obvious at President Trump’s inauguration by the response of the Democratic Party, which was none.

In reference to the other elephant (nonfeasance) is actions of the Democratic Party because of their sole direction to get rid of Trump. They’re going to charge Trump with interfering with the election. Since that didn’t work, there is now direction with charging him with quid pro quo in the treason attempt interference with the Ukrainian government.

In order to impeach you must have proof of high crimes and misdemeanors, which are not proven yet in Trump’s case. Quid pro quo is not a high crime. Favor per favor is not a crime. It has not been proven.

The Democratic Party is not performing their elected jobs (nonfeasance). The president has not been convicted of a crime at this point. Failure to perform an act that is required by one’s position.

Mr. Rose’s hate for President Trump since the ‘70s is obvious in the last four paragraphs of his ridiculous speculative column.



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