‘Cheating Not A Way To Unite The Country’

Nov. 16, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

The Russians Are Coming. The Russians Are Coming!

Actually it is not the Russians it is the Democrats, media, big tech, big pharma, CDC, political misleading polls, some state officials, some state supreme courts, and many voting precincts to name a few. Talk about gaming the system. The moment the plan of mailing actual ballots to all registered voters was announced there was no way the fix was not in.

A couple examples:

– the House race in North Carolina a couple of years ago – Republicans were harvesting votes – that race was ordered to be done over and the Democrat was the winner when the cheating stopped. There was absolute chaos in the local races in New York this past June when ballots were sent out to everyone. Much of the public have a low opinion of Congress, FBI, CIA, IRS and many other agencies. Why, the low trust – look what they did to President Trump before and after he took office. Currently what would you expect when millions of ballots were mailed to folks who did not request them? Chaos and fraud.

Joe Biden will be an illegitimate president if he does not insist that all these irregularities are thoroughly investigated. It would be nice if he would say all legal votes should be counted instead of all votes.

Why has the Democrat Party sponsored: early voting; mail everyone a ballot; ballot harvesting; extend the deadline; require no ID; no postmark; no checking of signatures; no signatures.

The obvious answer is to cheat. To be certain our elections have integrity: in person voting; addresses – ID match the voter; absentee ballots when requested; no ballot harvesting; poll watchers who can view the process; legal consequences for any fraud

Cheating is not a way to unite the country.



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