‘In Short, Trump Must Go’

June 17, 2020

Editor, The News-Gazette:

For the good of our country, Donald Trump must not be reelected. For the good of our country, I urge all of your readers - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents - to vote in November for the Democratic candidate for president, presumably Joe Biden. Trump does not warrant reelection. The sooner he goes, the better it will be for our country.

I am a Democrat, and I have typically voted for the Democratic candidate. But when the Democrats have not offered the best candidate, or when the Democratic candidate does not deserve election, I have voted for the Republican candidate. This year it is critical for Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents to help vote Trump out.

Trump is not qualified to be president. He was not prepared to be president. He is not fit to be president. Most informed citizens know this. Republicans know this. Trumpistas may not care. Trump has not learned in 3 1/2 years how to be president. He confuses Twittership with leadership. He divides rather than trying to unite. Trump acts as an autocrat and cannot deal with the democratic institutions of our government. The benefits that Republicans believe they achieve with a Republican president do not justify the damage that Trump will continue to do to our country. Recognizing Trump’s danger, some Republicans have disavowed him; it’s time now for more to do so.

Trump is a racist. He has a host of psychological disorders. He is an egotist, maybe even an egomaniac. He acts to benefit himself, not the country. Ask John Bolton. Trump is a narcissist. Read the section on narcissism in the Myers and Twenge textbook on Social Psychology at pages 46-47. (The authors’ description of narcissism fits Trump to a T.) He is a pathological liar. Ask Jim Mattis. Ask Colin Powell. He has reshaped the Republican Party into something ugly. Many Republican elected officials fear him rather than respect him. John McCain and Mitt Romney have been commendable exceptions.

In short, Trump must go. I ask your support in achieving this necessary objective — for the good of our country.


Rockbridge County

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