Daily View

Greater Lexington Newcomers Club (-)

Meeting, Lexington Golf & Country Club; for more information, go to www.lexvanewcomers,org

Parkinsons Support Group (Wed. 3 Apr, 2013 10:30 am - 10:30 am)


Meeting,  Sunnyside, Kendal at Lexington, for information, call Christine Treen at (540) 784-4519.


Program, “Birding in Lexington 70 Years Ago” (-)

Program, “Birding in Lexington 70 Years Ago,” Bob Paxton, old county courthouse meeting room, sponsored by Rockbridge Bird Club; for information, call 463-5214.

Talk, “Mirabal Memories” (-)

Talk, “Mirabal Memories,” Ellen Mayock, part of One Book, One Community program, Piovano Room, Rockbridge Regional Library.

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