Perriello, Gillespie Favored By Rockbridge Area Voters In Primaries

Ed Smith

Former Congressman Tom S. Perriello outpolled Lt. Gov. Ralph S. Northam among Rockbridge area voters in Tuesday's Democratic gubernatorial primary. Perriello won Rockbridge County and Lexington to claim 53 percent of votes cast locally.

Northam, who won the Democratic nomination for governor by a comfortable margin statewide, was the choice of a majority of Buena Vista voters who took part in the Democratic primary.

Susan S. Platt received the most Rockbridge area votes in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. She garnered 51 percent of local votes to Justin E. Fairfax's 38 percent and Gene J. Rossi's 11 percent. Fairfax won the Democratic nomination handily in statewide voting.

On the Republican side in the governor's race, Edward W. “Ed” Gillespie collected 52 percent of Rockbridge area votes to 39 percent for Corey A. Stewart and 9 percent for state Sen. Frank W. Wagner. Gillespie narrowly defeated Stewart statewide to win the GOP nomination for governor.

Rockbridge area Republicans preferred state Sen. Bryce E. Reeves in the lieutenant governor's race. He got just under 50 percent of local votes to 30 percent for state Sen. Jill H. Vogel and 21 percent for Del. Glenn R. Davis Jr.. Vogel won a plurality of votes statewide to win the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.


Local Primary Results


Democratic primary

Buena Vista – (governor) Northam, 82; Perriello, 68; (lieutenant governor) Fairfax, 59; Rossi, 22; Platt, 58.

Lexington – (governor) Northam, 257; Perriello, 310; (lieutenant governor) Fairfax, 208; Rossi, 41; Platt, 262.

Rockbridge County – (governor) Northam, 621; Perriello, 726; (lieutenant governor) Fairfax, 451; Rossi, 137; Platt, 649.

Rockbridge area total (governor) Northam, 960; Perriello, 1,104; (lieutentant governor) Fairfax, 718; Rossi, 200; Platt, 969.


Republican primary

Buena Vista – (governor) Gillespie, 118; Stewart, 78; Wagner, 29. (lieutenant governor) Reeves, 111; Davis, 48; Vogel, 57.

Lexington – (governor) Gillespie, 119; Stewart, 65; Wagner, 10; (lieutenant governor) Reeves, 85; Davis, 36; Vogel, 62.

Rockbridge County – (governor) Gillespie, 666; Stewart, 530; Wagner, 112; (lieutenant governor) Reeves, 632; Davis, 262; Vogel, 378.

Rockbridge area total – (governor) Gillespie, 903; Stewart, 673; Wagner, 151; (lieutenant governor) Reeves, 828; Davis, 346; Vogel, 497.

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Kit Huffman took these photos Tuesday.


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